Alicos Salsa Pronta Di Pomodoro 330g

Alicos Salsa Pronta Di Pomodoro

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A flavoursome, ready-to-use sauce made from Sicilian cherry and mini plum tomatoes, giving this sauce a naturally sweet and delicate taste.

Use in a paella or toss through your favourite Sabato pasta. Delicious spread on a pizza, in sandwiches or added to casseroles and braises for a wonderful depth of flavour. Try it as a natural tomato sauce or in your next Bloody Mary.

Created according to authentic, age-old Sicilian traditions, the Alicos Salsa Pronta di Pomodoro is produced on their family farm, located in the Trapanesi Valley of western Sicily. The salsa pronta is made simply from the naturally sweetest, smallest Datterino and cherry tomatoes.

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