El Navarrico Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Bacalao 270ml | Spanish Tapas | Sabato Auckland, New Zealand

El Navarrico Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Bacalao

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Top quality, authentic Spanish tapas ready to go straight from the tin!

Delicate cone-shaped piquillo peppers, roasted over oak coals and peeled by hand are stuffed with diced bacalao (salted cod) that has been blended into a creamy béchamel. The peppers are finished with a light tomato sauce and preserved in a tin.

The Peppers can be gently warmed through to serve.

Tin contains four whole stuffed peppers.

Conservas El Navarrico is a second generation, family-run company from the Navarra region of Northern Spain. The mild Mediterranean climate and the two rivers that run through the area of San Adrián, create the ideal environment to grow some of Spain’s most prized vegetables, including piquillo pimiento (peppers). The company’s commitment to using only freshly harvested vegetables and artisan methods of production, including hand-packing with no preservatives, creates a wonderful range of delicious and nutritious products.



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