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Fiasconaro Pistachio Crema

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Pistachio nuts from Bronte, Sicily are ground to a smooth paste to make this divine spread.

Serve on sliced panettone, warm croissants, or use as a filling for a cake.

The story of the Fiasconaro began in 1953, when a father and his son managed a small artisan workshop in the village of Castelbuono, in the heart of the Madonie area of Sicily. Today, the third generation Fiasconaro brothers are considered pioneers in the artisan confectionery sector. Their panettone are instantly recognisable due to their natural leavening - a very slow fermentation process which lasts as much as 36 hours. Fiasconaro also produce traditional, artisan Sicilian nougat with Manna, an ancient natural sweetener. Fiasconaro’s love for the flavours of Sicily, respect for the land and unstoppable faith in tradition, has meant they have never been tempted to the lure of industrial production on a large scale, and remain a true artisan producer.



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