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Flamigni Soft Nougat with 60% Almonds

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Traditional Italian soft nougat containing a high percentage of almonds - 60%.


The founders of Flamigni, brothers Armando, Lieto and Aurelio, opened a pastry and coffee shop in Forlì, Emilia-Romagna, Italy in 1930. A few years later they had already opened other shops in nearby towns, as word spread of their exquisite pastries. In the seventies, Flamigni increased production, although their ethos remained the same – ensuring they use the highest-quality ingredients and adhering to their traditional, artisan production process, which remains to this day.

Nougat became the flagship product, made once a year after the almond season, by a group of artisans employed specifically for their nougat-making expertise. Using giant, gleaming copper-lined bowls, the nougat is mixed for around six hours, before being handed-rolled on marble-topped tables.

Following this, Flamigni added stunning artisan panettone to their range. Made from the highest quality ingredients and centered around a precious, century-old mother yeast, which is carefully guarded and nurtured by the family and key staff.

This dedication to quality and the ‘made-by-hand’ element of Flamigni, lends a certain charm to their already superb confectionary.



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