J. Friend & Co Beechwood Honeydew Honey

J. Friend & Co Beechwood Honeydew Honey

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For the true connoisseur, this dark amber coloured honey has a liquid consistency.

Its bold pungent nose makes it the perfect accompaniment to fresh cheeses, washed rind and aged cheeses. High in antioxidants.

Cuisine Artisan Award Winner 2011

J. Friend and Co select artisan New Zealand honey from individual beekeepers - a range of single-varietal certified organic honeys, from their site in Sydenham, Christchurch.

The launch of the range was the realisation of a long-held desire by Jeremy Friend and Sharyn Woodnorth to introduce others to the myriad of flavours good quality single-varietal honey provides. “We have always been fascinated by honey but frustrated by the lack of quality honey available to consumers. The majority of honey on the market is blended, over processed, over heated and poorly packaged, resulting in a generic-flavoured and generally bland honey. Quality is the key. We only select honeys from artisan beekeepers who are truly passionate about their craft."

Each release of J. Friend & Co honey is produced in small batches, with specific labels for each vintage, much like a good wine. Each label states the specific floral varietal source, the name of the beekeeper, the vintage and the specific region the honey is collected from. "Trying all types of honey from around the country, we found that it was not only the flowers that create quite distinct flavour, sweetness and texture. Honey also develops a unique regional character depending on the environment in which it is produced. Our aim is to continually source new and unique single-varietal organic honeys from some of New Zealand’s most spectacular locations.”



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