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L'Authentique Filet Mignon ~ Garlic

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Dry-cured, French-style pork seasoned with garlic and salt. L'Authentique filet mignon is super tender and rich in flavour.

Fabulous on a charcuterie board, as an addition to a cheese platter or to take on a picnic.

**Gold medal winner at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2022 & 2023.**

Meat: Pork (free farmed)
Origin: New Zealand

Squeezing four Frenchmen into a shipping crate wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. They became the founding fathers of L’Authentique, bringing generations of charcuterie tradition to New Zealand.

Today L’Authentique keeps that tradition alive, hand-crafting quality cuts of free-range and free-farmed New Zealand meat into the finest sausages and charcuterie treats.

The shared vision for L’Authentique is to produce a local range of the best French charcuterie - a range that is ethically perfect with no concessions, just as our French forefathers would’ve eaten.



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