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Mandrile & Melis Gianduja Pralines

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Individually wrapped dark chocolates, filled with a hazelnut and chocolate gianduja filling.

Artisan Italian chocolate company, Mandrile Melis, was founded more than thirty years ago in Fossano, in the province of Cuneo, where the famous Rum Cuneese originates. A dedication to tradition, high-quality ingredients and thoughtful, meticulous preparation have contributed to their reputation for excellence and have solidified their place as true master chocolate makers.

Mandrile Melis source the finest ingredients, carefully selecting raw materials based on quality and sustainability, championing local specialities, such as authentic Langhe hazelnuts from Piedmont. Only fresh milk and free-range eggs are used to create their signature custard, which is then blended with premium ingredients and poured into chocolate shells. Their luxurious liqueur fillings are patiently rested for over 96 hours, at controlled temperature and humidity to enhance the unique flavour profiles of each liqueur.

Passionate innovators, M&M are constantly developing new flavours and combinations, currently offering a range of over 40 chocolate specialities.



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