Pons JANIROC Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pons JANIROC Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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An early harvest organic extra virgin olive oil (EVO) obtained exclusively from Koroneiki olives harvested from Pons' own olive groves in Lleida. JANIROC Koroneiki has a very fresh aroma of high complexity, it is perfumed and fruity with a great balance between sweetness, bitterness and peppery.

This extra virgin olive oil is ideal for use in dressings, as a finishing oil and for dishes such as ham, carpaccios and tomato salads.

This exclusive organic EVO is a tribute to Jan and Roc, the fifth generation of the Pons Family, the first family of olive oil in Spain.

Pons is a family-owned business which has been making premium olive oil since 1930 and is now run by the fourth generation. Based in Llieda, Catalonia, near Barcelona, the family have 1000 acres (350 hectares) of land, with 200 hectares dedicated to organic crops. Their specialty is the Arbequina olives, which are all hand-picked, stone-milled and cold-pressed.

Pons are dedicated to producing premium olive oils using traditional methods and with a respect to the land. They also offer a fabulous range of quality versions of classic Spanish lines including capers, sweet white garlic and wine.  

“Preserving our legacy is our mission. An ancestral land, clean and pure. Generations pass, but the land is always present. We take great care of our crops so that many more generations can enjoy the magic that our land gives us, the magic and excellence that our oils offer today.”



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