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Sabato Liquorice Pillows

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Soft liquorice from Abruzzo, Italy, with assorted flavoured fillings.

Located until recently in an ancient monastery in the tiny town of Atri in Abruzzo, Italy, Liquirizia Menozzi De Rosa follows the time-honoured tradition of using the extract of the liquorice root to flavour the liquorice.

Ghostly-coloured liquorice root from Calabria is delivered to the old monastery where it is boiled down in large cauldrons to render the extract from the root and is then dried to a scrunchy liquorice powder. These days, most commercial brands use aniseed oil and little actual liquorice root extract.

Menozzi liquorice contains the highest quality liquorice powder and less sweeteners than other confectionery-style liquorices, producing pure liquorice with a true, bitter flavour. Menozzi use the extrusion method (similar to making pasta), which results in a beautiful gloss and perfect texture - the hallmarks of premium liquorice.



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