Salvagno Olive Paste

Salvagno Olive Paste

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From the estate of Giovanni Salvagno in Verona, a blend of organic black olives, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Use as a tapenade or add to your pasta or pizza sauces for an injection of Mediterranean flavour.

Salvagno is a family-run, artisan olive oil operation based in Nesente (about 10 minutes from Verona in the north of Italy) with whom we have enjoyed a long relationship, as they are one of our original suppliers. Giovanni, his wife Elena and their two daughters Cristina and Francesca are very much at the heart of this small company. Their frantoio (oil mill) is supplied by Salvagno’s own trees and also those of local farmers, who can bring their olives to be pressed and bottled with their own name on the Salvagno label.

The Salvagno family are obviously well-known and liked in their community, judging by the number of people we were introduced to when we visited them in 2011 and in 2010. Giovanni is well-respected in the olive world internationally too, and one of the secrets behind his fantastic oil is that he has invented a modern version of the stone wheel which he feels, with his local varieties, leads to a better end product.

Due to the unique microclimate of the area, the mosque (the fly that can affect olive trees) cannot survive. This means that no sprays are used, so Salvagno olives are naturally organic too.

Giovanni’s oil is always balanced and non-aggressive in style and has long been extremely popular in our range. The olives themselves also have a loyal following - you’ll find them in the pantries of several top chefs and food writers. Some are cured in brine, some are pitted and cured in his olive oil, and some are made into his delicious olive paste, which we also stock.



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