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Talatta Colatura

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This Italian fish sauce is produced by fermenting anchovies in brine and has an umami-rich, complex flavour.

Use traditionally to make a traditional ‘Spaghetti alla Colatura di Alici’ - tossing cooked spaghetti with a small amount of the colatura, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil or as a seasoning for seafood-based soups, vegetable dishes or a ceviche or crudo.

Talatta, named after the ancient Greek word for sea, is a third-generation family-run company based in Sciacca, Sicily, and are known for their attention to detail.

Fresh off the Mediterranean fishing boats, within 24 hours the anchovies are hand-cleaned and washed in brine, before being cured in sea salt for up to 12 months. The anchovies are then filleted by hand and packed into jars, seasoned with local ingredients including Trapani sea salt, Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and Pantelleria capers.



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