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Vincotto with Fig

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A wood-aged blend of Vincotto and aged wine vinegar infused with real fig. This fantastic condiment has a wonderful balance of sweetness and acidity, with a subtle fig flavour coming through, and a thinner consistency than Vincotto Originale.

Vincotto with Fig is great in both sweet and savoury dishes. Drizzle over cooked meats, poultry, game, cheese or lentils or use in dressings and marinades. Try Vincotto with Fig swirled through yoghurt or mascarpone, serve with fresh fruit or use as a final flourish over desserts such as icecream or pannacotta. It is a superb pairing with Can Bech preserved figs - try on a pizza with blue cheese (drizzling with Vincotto once cooked) or alongside our award-winning Basque cheesecake for dessert.

Vincotto is very nutritious, being rich in polyphenols – natural antioxidants. It contains NO alcohol, acidity, colouring or preservatives and NO sugar is added.

The uniqueness of Vincotto is attributed to a traditional recipe kept secret and closely guarded by the Calogiuri family since 1825. The sixth generation of the Calogiuri family continue to produce Vincotto according to this recipe in Lecce (Puglia, in the south of Italy) where the family has resided for over 500 years.

Syrupy and delicious, Vincotto is made by cooking the must of late harvest Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera grapes over a low flame for over 24 hours during which time it reduces to one fifth its original volume. The reduced must is then aged for four years with a mother must in small oak casks. This produces Vincotto Originale, the original Vincotto.

For the fruit flavours, fruits from their orchard as well as their own Vincotto vinegar are added to the original Vincotto and left to infuse.



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