As we all know, not all products are created equal – liquorice is a perfect example of this. We stock premium liquorice, flavoured with the extract of liquorice root, in a time-honoured tradition, by Liquirizia Menozzi De Rosa, from Abruzzo, Italy. Menozzi has a long history, their confectionery products have been sold for over 185 years. While Menozzi's liquorice-based sweets are now produced in a state-of-the-art factory, designed according to the latest modern technologies and with the utmost respect for the surrounding environment, until 2004, production took place in a 1500s Dominican convent, in Atri, an Italian town rich in history and culture.

Menozzi source their liquorice root from Calabria, they boil it down in large cauldrons to render the extract, and then dry it to a scrunchy, liquorice powder. Unlike Menozzi, most commercial brands use aniseed oil and a minute amount of actual liquorice root extract. Menozzi liquorice contains the highest quality liquorice powder and less sweeteners than other confectionery-style liquorices, producing pure liquorice with a true, slightly bitter flavour. Menozzi use the extrusion method (similar to making pasta), which results in a beautiful gloss and perfect texture.From the Menozzi range we have available; fusilli and cinture liquorice straps, and the new, small boxes of liquorice in the shapes of spaghetti, fusilli, ruote and tubetti. We also have our very popular liquorice pillows, with their delicious sweet fillings - little bites of Italy's finest.



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