Experience superior convenience with El Navarrico gazpacho! Simply chill, and it's ready to serve. We've paired this delightful gazpacho with local Pacific oysters two ways: served in the shell with a delicious granita and in a shot glass, making it the perfect appetiser. We also highly recommend the same with Bluff oysters. 

Serves 6

Gazpacho Granita

1 bottle of El Navarrico Gazpacho
2 Tbsp Gran Capirete 50-year Sherry Vinegar

In a bowl, combine gazpacho with sherry vinegar. Pour the mixture into a shallow metal tray. Place the tray in the freezer for approx. 2 hours until the mixture is frozen.

At half-way through the freezing process, remove the tray from the freezer and use the tines of a fork to break up the frozen mixture into an icy crumble. Return the tray to the freezer until frozen. Repeat the forking once frozen and ready to serve.

To serve, sprinkle the frozen gazpacho granita over your favourite oysters or seafood.

Gazpacho seafood shots

1 bottle El Navarrico Gazpacho
6 – 12 oysters or prawns

Pour chilled gazpacho into tumbler or shot glasses of your choice. Stand an oyster or prawn upright inside each shot glass. 

Add desired toppings to finish.
Serve chilled.


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