The Pons family have been pressing olive oil for four generations. Based in Lleida, near Barcelona, Spain, the family have over 400 hectares of olive groves. The olives are harvested both manually and with a mechanical comb, following all of the parameters of ecological farming and always respecting the enviroment. The olives are early harvest, pressed the same day they are picked and the oils are much richer and more viscous than industrial versions of extra virgin olive oil.

Here are a few of our recommended ways to use Pons oils and vinegars:

Extra Virgin Olive Oils:

  • Pons arbequina extra virgin olive oil - pressed from 100% arbequina olives with a nuty taste with no bitterness and a fruity aroma of apples and bananas. Ideal through salads, over fish, chicken or vegetables or as a finishing oil.
  • Pons organic extra virgin olive oil - pressed from 50% arbequina and 50% cornicabra certified organic olives with a sweet taste and genuine freshness from their organic groves. Perfect through pasta, rice dishes and salads.
  • Pons traditional extra virgin olive oil - pressed from 75% cornicabra and 25% arbequina olives with a rich, inense fresh aroma and slight touch of bitterness. Excellent for dressing and cooking, we recommend this as an everyday use cooking oil.


Infused Oils:

  • Pons black truffle oil -  extra virgin olive oil from the later harvest (arbequina olives) slowly infused with real black truffles, grown in the Pyrénées on the shadow of 100-year-old oak trees. A fabulous flavour booster to eggs and meat, especially lamb, or drizzle over risotto.



  • Pons vermouth vinegar - a beautiful red rose-coloured wine vinegar with a sophisticated herbal bouquet. A perfect partner with seafood, particularly fish, mussels and oysters, over chicken or through salads.
  • Pons cava rosé vinegar - a blend of wine vinegar and grape must with delicious notes of plum and red fruit. We recommend pairing with fish, oysters, in summer salads or with vegetables. Also perfect to enhance desserts such as pastries or for soaking fruit.
  • Pons moscatel vinegar - a wine vinegar with luscious moscatel grape flavours. A perfect partner for seafood or drizzled over deserts using fruit or chocolate.
  • Pons apple condiment - the sweetest of the vinegar range, it is 40% apple must and aged in oak barrels. Great with fatty meats such as pork, lamb or duck, or used as a finishing condiment over ice cream, desserts and fruits with acidity.


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