Light and crispy with a delicious smooth and fluffy filling of namelaka, a wonderful desert or afternoon pick me up!

Serves 4


400g Paneton ready rolled flaky puff pastry
Caster sugar, to dust

Dulcey namelaka cream:
2 Sabato gelatine leaves
175g Valrhona dulcey chocolate fèves
130ml milk
200ml cream

To serve:
250g Zany Zeus mascarpone
Valrhona dark chocolate crunchy pearls

For the pastry, preheat oven to 200°C fan bake. Line a baking sheet with baking paper and dust with caster sugar. Lay pastry onto the baking paper and prick all over with a fork. Dust caster sugar over the top and cover with another sheet of baking paper. Cover with a baking tray and top with a weight, such as a baking dish – the weight helps produce nice even layers. Bake for 25-30 minutes, turning trays halfway for even browning, until browned all over. Remove to cool. Use a serrated bread knife to trim the edges and cut the sheet into 18 even-sized rectangles.

For the dulcey namelaka, put the gelatine leaves in a bowl and cover with cold water, set aside to soften. Put the chocolate fèves in a large bowl. Bring milk just to the boil in a small pot. Squeeze excess water from gelatine and stir into the hot milk until dissolved then pour milk onto the chocolate. Leave to sit for a minute then stir together until blended and smooth. Add cold cream and whisk together until well combined. Pour into a container, cover the entire surface with plastic wrap to avoid a skin forming. Refrigerate overnight, to set. Beat set mixture with an electric mixer until light and creamy then transfer to a piping bag fitted with a large, plain nozzle. To serve, lay six rectangles of pastry on a board. Pipe dots or lines of namelaka cream to cover then top each with another rectangle of pastry.

Repeat with a second layer of namelaka and a third rectangle on top, as a lid. Pipe mascarpone on the tops and decorate with chocolate pearls.

Recipe by Julie Le Clerc



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