Here at Sabato, we have a real soft spot for a good sandwich or baguette filled with fabulous flavour combinations, enhanced with unique Sabato ingredients. Done well, a delicious sandwich or filled roll really is a wonderful meal.

Here are some of our favourite fillings combinations:

Chicken, walnut and truffle mayo
Combine finely chopped or shredded cold roast chicken, chopped toasted Trickett's walnut halves and Sabato truffle mayonnaise, with a layer of fresh baby spinach leaves.

Egg, spring onion and smoked paprika
Take this classic to another taste level; combine mashed, hard-boiled eggs, with finely chopped spring onion, smoked paprika and Sabato egg mayonnaise.

Spiced Moroccan chutney, salami and cheese
Slather some JLC Moroccan chutney, flavoured with tomato, capsicum and Moroccan spices onto bread, and layer with salami – try Martinez salami picante, then add fine slices of Mt. Eliza farmhouse cheddar.

Prosciutto, caper & almond pesto, with cos
Spread a generous amount of Sabato caper and almond pesto on both sides of the bread or roll, fold in the Martinez prosciutto slices and add cos lettuce leaves for crunch.

Tuna, lemon, capers and mayo, with iceberg
Mix Callipo tuna with Sabato garlic aioli, Pons capers and finely chopped Accoceberry cornichons. Tear some iceberg lettuce leaves and add them for freshness. We sometimes add a touch of finely chopped JLC preserved lemon to the mix as well.

Artichoke heart and goat cheese
Spread both sides of artichoke bruschetta and crumble Buche Mon Sire goat cheese on top.

We often change out butter for pesto, mayonnaise or relish to create a flavour platform for the other additions to follow. We like our sandwiches and rolls to be moist, so we mix our fillings in advance and assemble everything just before we eat, to avoid anything becoming soggy. 




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