Sabato Gluten-Free Flour by Kate Fay

Sabato Gluten-Free Flour by Kate Fay

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A superior gluten-free flour developed by top New Zealand chef Kate Fay and produced in the Sabato kitchen.

This flour performs similarly to standard wheat flour and bakes brilliantly, resulting in products with a light texture and no aftertaste.

Kate has shared several delicious recipes, using her gluten-free flour, that can be found in our gluten-free recipes collection. Both her chocolate log and cheese scone recipes are sure to be crowd favourites!

Please Note: this product contains milk.

Rice flour, cornflour, tapioca, milk powder, potato starch, [xanthan gum].

Contains milk.


Servings per package: 6

Serving size: 125 g


per serving

per 100 g


1920 kJ

1540 kJ

Protein, total

10.0 g

8.0 g

-      Gluten

0 mg

0 mg

Fat, total

5.8 g

4.7 g

-      Saturated

3.2 g

2.5 g


90.2 g

72.1 g

-      Sugars

6.2 g

5.0 g


93 mg

74 mg

 As an executive chef Kate has always been aware of the impact quality ingredients have on the taste and texture of food. Never more so than when she was diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Kate's initial encounters with gluten-free flour led her to believe there was room for improvement. She took up the challenge, got to work, and created her own style of gluten-free flour which is proudly produced in the Sabato kitchen.

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