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Allpress Espresso


In 1986 the love for traditional Italian espresso prompted Michael Allpress to leave his career a a chef and establish one of New Zealand's first espresso coffee companies; Allpress Espresso. Ten years later, Michael combined his talents with lifelong friend and well known Sydney restauranteur, Tony Papas to successfully take Allpress Espresso into the Australian market.

More recently Michael and Tony recognized the growing demand for excellent espresso in the UK and 2010 marked further expansion to Shoreditch, London. Allpress is now considered a leading specialty coffee roaster, always going to extraordinary lengths to make their coffee taste good.

Allpress delivers freshly roasted beans - whole and ground - to the Sabato showroom twice a week. If you visit our showroom and take up the offer of a cup of coffee, the Allpress Rangitoto Roast is what you will be enjoying.


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