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Like their water, Antipodes is New Zealand born and bred.

Also like their water, the thinking behind it is pure and simple.

Antipodes wanted to source one of the world's purest waters. It was a mystery to them why much of the bottled water in New Zealand was being shipped in from Europe – one of the most industrialised continents on Earth.

In contrast, Antipodes is sourced from one of the least populated countries on Earth, and in a place renowned for pure water, Antipodes is rated as the purest.

Antipodes also wanted to create the perfect sparkling water, adding a fine bead to compliment well-crafted food and wine.

Finally they wanted it to look good. It didn't have to stand out on a supermarket shelf, because it would never be on one. They didn't want it to stand out on a restaurant table either - even though it would most certainly be on one. Antipodes wanted their water to compliment a table setting rather than dominate it, believing the heroes of the table should be the wine and food, not the water bottle.

So they kept the bottle short and fat, and clean and simple, wanting it to look as pure on the outside as it in fact was on the inside.

That's basically the story of Antipodes and their water - everything else is just book keeping.


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