Passports - yes, tickets - yes. Daughter in charge of house and cat (claws freshly trimmed to stop the cat ripping up the carpet and furniture while we're not there to pander to his every tabby need); son somehow at a street party in Dunedin - having extracted airpoints at the last minute by first buttering me up with how he had done his Stats assignment ahead of time (he'd better pass!) - and of course the business - thankfully in the good hands of our great team.

Don't you find packing fun? Will it be scorchingly hot? Will it be freezing cold? Who knows with the weather these days anyhow? Where are we going again Phil? Forget those tall tales of his about having to go into training to cope with my luggage...for once his bag was heavier than mine - so eat those unkind words you scoundrel. Hell, that's never happened before - maybe I forgot something!

Hmmm, time to catch up with some of those movies I keep missing, check out that airline food (is it really good marketing to put the names of great European chefs on various dishes when the result is so mediocre?), and learn all that Spanish I was going to take a measured approach toward over the last year, but never quite did...

Perfect. Time for a glass of red wine I if only that baby a few rows ahead would stop screaming!