Achieving a 100-year-anniversary is certainly worthy of much celebration and Sabato warmly congratulates Valrhona on this achievement, alongside their incredible commitment to bringing us all such outstanding chocolate products, over so many years.

Valrhona chocolate has certainly played an unrivalled role in many of our own celebrations over the years too. When an exquisite dessert or sweet treat is called for, our thoughts go straight to Valrhona. This is the ultimate ingredient for creating flavour profiles that are luxurious, sophisticated and richly indulgent. We thought it would be timely to share with you, some of our favourite Sabato recipes inspired by Valrhona over the years. Timeless creations that will take your festivities to another level and will be a truly memorable addition to any celebration. We are also offering a special price on selected Valrhona products until next Sunday, 16 October.

Julie Le Clerc, who is a genius with Valrhona chocolate, created this Triple Chocolate Cheesecake for Sabato. This amazingly decadent dessert showcases Valrhona chocolate in three layers – the crust, the filling and the ganache topping. Another utterly indulgent sensation is Julie’s Tiramisu Tart, using Valrhona dark chocolate fèves and their fabulous cocoa. Valrhona cocoa is an exceptional product offering a very pure and intense taste, while displaying exceptional finesse. This is because Valrhona don’t rush the process, favour small batch production and insist on a robust selection schedule to ensure only the finest quality beans are used for their products. Julie showcased the cocoa superbly when she rolled her divine Valrhona Chocolate truffles in it, and again, when she included it in this triumph of baking, the Valrhona Celebration Cake. Here, Julie layers the classic flavour combination of chocolate with raspberry jam to create a flavour sensation. This is a short round-up of some of our favourite ways to celebrate with Valrhona chocolate, you will find plenty more within the chocolate recipe section of our website.


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