Don’t panic, when you can’t see the familiar Girolomoni cellophane packaging you have come to know as a staple on our shelves. Instead, you will discover their new recyclable white paper packaging purposefully designed to be much more environmentally friendly than its predecessor. This will come as no surprise given Girolomoni’s commitment to the best organic pasta and sustainable practices.

The Girolomoni Italian pasta journey starts with the finest quality wheat and to ensure this is a controlled supply chain, a long-standing relationship has been forged with wheat farmers whose harvest is certified as completely organic. The crop is then sent to Girolomoni’s own purpose-built, small cylinder mill, where it is carefully ground into semolina. From here, it is piped directly into Girolomoni’s pasta plant, mixed with hillside spring water, and extruded through a variety of metal dies, according to each variety of pasta. Everything then rests for between 7-12 hours at 65 degrees, accordingly to variety, to preserve the maximum levels of nutrition, and to retain the best flavour and aromas of the wheat.

Girolomoni offer their fabulous pasta with both rough and smooth finishes, so you can choose the one best suited to the dish you are going to cook. The rough extrusion creates a more porous home-style pasta with a matt surface, while its regular ridges are a great repository for a delicious Sabato pasta sauce. We find Girolomoni’s smooth extrusion offers a smoother, shinier surface, perfect for simpler sauces that adhere readily to the pasta. We love to present Girolomoni pasta throughout the year, it is an amazing hero ingredient for all seasons – served piping hot in autumn and winter, warm in the spring and at room temperature over the summer. Girolomoni pasta varieties pair so beautifully with so many flavour accents, complement so many other ingredients and offer such scope for family feasts and larger-scale entertaining. You will find some wonderful pasta recipe inspiration on our website!


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