At Sabato, we are proud to have been recognised, yet again, as a top New Zealand Cheese Store, one of only fifteen awarded this status, for 2021 and 2022. Bearing this in mind, you will find we are well-placed to help you celebrate New Zealand Cheese Month, this October.

Our commitment to supporting the vibrant artisan cheese producers of New Zealand is as strong as ever and we love to share their wonderful cheese varities with you at any opportunity. Many of these are specialty farmhouse cheeses that are only available seasonally and in small quantity. In terms of local provenance, you will not only know where your cheese comes from, and who made it, in some cases you will even know the name of the cow whose milk was used to produce it!

As you know, we love to try and make things as easy as possible, so we have curated a truly fabulous New Zealand Cheese Box for you to enjoy. We have gathered an exquisite curated selection, including many winners of the New Zealand Champions of Cheese Awards 2022. You will love our Sabato cheese box with: Meyer Fenugreek Gouda a gold medal winner and 'Sabato Champion Farmhouse Cheese' category winner. This cheese has an excellent sweet aroma from the addition of fenugreek and the taste is delightfully mild, sweet and nutty. We include Cartwheel Creamery Opiki Ma another gold medal winner, this gorgeous soft white rind, goat's cheese has a distinctive velvety texture. We can’t leave out Mount Eliza Blue Monkey a stunning gold medal winner, produced in the Saxelby Stilton style, this buttery blue with spicy notes, is matured for six weeks. It was also the winner of the Rutherford & Meyer Chef’s Choice Trophy. And the final touch, Grinning Gecko Reka Rawa - a silver medal winner. This creamy and indulgently smooth, truffled brie, is infused with our Giuliano Tartufi Salsa Tartufata.

To complement this fabulous assortment of finest NZ cheese we recommend adding one or more of the following accompaniments: Cherchi Sardinian parchment crackersMarsh's honeycombSabato crostiniJulie Le Clerc Arabian date chutneyFalwasser crackersEl Corazon quince paste and The Fine Cheese Co. fig, honey & EVO crackers.

Do come and visit our store, peruse our amazing range, and talk cheese with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. You can also order cheese online, for chilled freight delivery (excluding rural delivery addresses).


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