At Sabato, we have officially entered the festive season, so let’s pop open a bottle of Prosecco and indulge in some of Italy’s finest confectionery from Venchi.

The Venchi confectionery story began in 1878 with 20-year-old Silviano Venchi, who possessed such a love for chocolate that he spent all his savings on two bronze cauldrons and began experimenting with various recipes in his apartment. Having honed his exceptional skills, he opened a chocolate shop in Turin, Italy.

Venchi established a reputation that is praised to this day, for irresistible confections. They use secret recipes and the highest quality ingredients, including the celebrated Piedmont hazelnut, to create their signature nougatinecremino and gianduja chocolates. 

Venchi's selection is vast, with so many different flavours, shapes, textures and sizes to choose from. From mini-barsblocks and tablets to their luxurious cuneesichocolate spreadschocolate cigars and gift boxes - there is the perfect option for every occasion.

We trust that you will love our Venchi selection as much as we do!


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