So much of what we love about the festive season is sharing good food and wine with family and friends. At Sabato, our wine offering continues to grow as we discover fabulous varietals from many highly acclaimed winemakers. We stock a diverse range, ensuring that there is the perfect bottle for every occasion, and we would love to share with you our top picks to enjoy through summer. 

Andreola Dirupo DOCG Prosecco is a delicate style prosecco, made from DOCG Valdobbiadene Superiore grapes that grow on the steepest slopes of Andreola's vineyards. This prosecco, which won the world's best prosecco at the Sparkling Wine Awards 2021,  possesses an off-dry level of sweetness and is spectacular on its own or mixed with an Alain Milliat nectar, creating a bellini to die for. 

As the weather gets warmer, Izadi rosé stands out as a real delight. Boasting lashings of soft, wild strawberry and forest fruit, it has a freshness that keeps it bright and with good concentration. It is dry and rounded, with good length and complexity, this will refresh you and charm you all at once.

From the northeastern Italian region of Veneto, Tezza Corte Majoli Pinot Grigio displays alluring aromas of fresh-cut pear, with a little bit of flintiness, leading to a nice dry palate of apricots and pear. The acidity is balanced and fresh, making this a great partner for softer, creamy cheeses

If you are planning a weekend BBQ, Orben Roija is a wonderful choice. It pairs beautifully with meat dishes due to its amazing flavours of dark cassis, hints of cocoa, cedar, plums and spice which all work with each other to perfection. The finish is long and beguiling, with the spice and dark fruit going on and on.


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