This Thursday, 14th of July, we are going to honour Bastille Day, and embrace a selection of fine French gastronomy from Sabato. We believe, it is best to start the way we mean to carry on, so breakfast will be warm from the oven, mini Sabato Valrhona pain au chocolat and mini Sabato croissants. Take these out of the freezer, prove overnight in a cold oven and voila, the next morning they are ready to bake. For true authenticity, the croissants will be liberally spread with exquisite French fruit jams from Alain Milliat – from a selection of Morello cherryraspberry, and blackcurrant.

Lunch may be a fabulous bowl of Sabato French onion soup, topped with croutons and Comté cheese, popped under the grill until the cheese melts. Or, we might take one of our La Parisienne baguettes out of the freezer, these are pre-baked in France and ready to be cooked from frozen. We could enjoy this paired with a selection of artisan French cheese chosen from our extensive range – if blue cheese is your favourite we have Bleu d’ AuvergneSt Agur and Roquefort d’Argental (unpastuerised). Other gorgeous unpastuerised cheese we recommend are Brie de MeauxCamembert Bocage and Comté Fort Lucotte. If your preference leans towards rich and creamy you could try a wedge of Pierre Robert or Délice d’Argental. We also stock some beautifully crafted French goat cheese – Buche Mon SireBuchette de Chèvre and Pico Affiné.

Dinner, will have to be Duck confit with Puy lentil salad, a fabulously French recipe by Julie Le Clerc, accompanied by a sublime glass of Mont-Redon Reserve Côtes du Rhône. Space permitting, a slice of Chocolate and hazelnut semi-freddo, showcasing France’s famed Valrhona chocolate could be the perfect end to a day celebrating French food.


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