We love any excuse to indulge in Valrhona chocolate and it looks like we finally have an official one – Thursday, 7 July is World Chocolate Day. If you plan to celebrate the day, we encourage you to aim high, and go for the best – Valrhona.

There are plenty of reasons why the most acclaimed chefs, in the world’s best kitchens, choose Valrhona chocolate for their superb creations, and we would like to share some of these with you. Valrhona boasts an extraordinary 100-year heritage as the world’s finest chocolate producer. Founded in 1922, by pastry chef, Albéric Guironnet, in the small village of Tain L’Hermitage, in France’s Rhone Valley, Valrhona was driven by a passionate commitment to creating superb, artisan quality chocolate that embodied complex, balanced and consistent flavours.

For Valrhona, this pursuit of excellence soon brought reward, with a reputation forged by a stunning range of unique and distinctive aromatic profiles, achieved by perfecting techniques for enhancing the flavour of rare cocoa beans, cultivated on land masterfully chosen especially for its terroir. Like all perfectionists, Valrhona has gone the extra distance to ensure an outstanding result by purchasing and operating their own cocoa plantations  – in Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. This way, Valrhona can control the complex process, every step of the way.

Like fine wine, individual Valrhona chocolate flavours offer something unique to the palate and to the dishes they enhance. The Gran Cru initiation box, with six miniature squares is a great way to explore Valrhona flavour profiles, and once you start to discover your preferences – we have more for you! We offer tablets in DulceyCaramelia crunchy pearlsGuanajaManjariCaraibeJivara, and Abinao chocolate. Sabato also stocks a selection of flavours in fèvescrunchy pearls and chips and we have the delicious cocoa powder too. Ongoing innovation is integral to Valrhona’s operation, and their vegan passionfruit inspiration fèves truly exemplify this – created using natural colours and flavours, these fèves combine the tangy flavour of passionfruit with the unique texture of chocolate and can be used just like any Valrhona chocolate.

Should you need an instant Valrhona hit we promise the Valrhona triple chocolate brownie and our Valrhona mini Afghan biscuits, from our own kitchen, will more than meet expectations.


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