Showcasing a crispy exterior and silky soft centre, Julie Le Clerc's polenta chips are dangerously moreish, especially when sprinkled with Grana Padano and dipped in pronto rosso and mayonnaise. Whether you prefer them oven-baked or shallow fried, these versatile polenta chips make for a wonderful game night snack, and are equally delicious as a side dish to a warm, winter meal. 

Serves 6, as a side dish or appetiser

5 cups cold water
1 teaspoon Sal de Añana Spring Salt, plus extra to serve
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 tablespoon chopped fresh oregano
1¼ cups (200g) La Grande Ruota quick cook polenta
30g butter
Extra virgin olive oil (EVO)
50g shaved Grana Padano, to serve
Sabato egg mayonnaise, to serve
Sabato pronto rosso, to serve

Put water, salt, garlic and oregano in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Once boiling, pour in the polenta in a steady stream, stirring continuously to avoid lumps forming. Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously, for 2-3 minutes or until the mixture thickens. Stir in the butter, until melted. Spread polenta into a lightly oiled 20cm x 30cm shallow dish or baking tin. Smooth the surface to make the thickness as even as possible. Refrigerate for 30 minutes until set.

Turn out set polenta onto a board and cut into 1.5cm strips. Cut the strips into 2-3 lengths, to resemble potato chips. Heat 2cm oil in a large frying pan. Shallow fry polenta chips in batches for 4-6 minutes, turning once or twice, until golden brown all over. Remove to drain on paper towels and keep warm in a hot oven. Repeat until all chips are cooked.

Alternatively, polenta chips can be lightly sprayed with EVO and baked in an oven preheated to 220°C for 15-20 minutes, or until crisp and golden brown.

Serve the polenta chips hot, sprinkled with Grana Padano and a little extra salt. Serve mayonnaise and pronto rosso on the side, to dip.

Recipe by Julie Le Clerc



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