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Chorizo, Chickpea & Butternut Salad

Chorizo, Chickpea & Butternut Salad

Chorizo, Chickpea & Butternut Salad

Serves 6-8

1 small butternut squash, deseeded and cut into large cubes
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp La Chinata bittersweet smoked paprika      
1 small handful of oregano or marjoram, chopped
Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
3-4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVO)
2 red onions, sliced into wedges
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
1 250g Alejandro chorizo collar , peeled and sliced into rounds
1 small bunch coriander
1 325g jar El Navarrico chickpeas , drained and rinsed.
1 bag baby spinach, washed
75g Pecorino Romano

Preheat oven to 190˚C.

In a large roasting pan combine butternut pieces with cumin, paprika, oregano or marjoram and salt and pepper. Coat in EVO and roast for 15 minutes. Add onion to roasting pan, toss to coat and roast for a further 10 minutes. Add cherry tomatoes and roast for a final 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

In a small saucepan fry chorizo in a little EVO over a medium heat. Drain any excess oil and set aside to cool. 

In a mortar and pestle pound the coriander with a pinch of salt. Add EVO to moisten and mix until a paste is formed.

In a large bowl combine the chickpeas with half of the coriander oil. Add roasted vegetables and chorizo and toss gently to combine.

To assemble, scatter baby spinach leaves over a large serving platter and arrange vegetable mixture on top. To finish, dress with remaining coriander oil and shavings of Pecorino.


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