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Crispy Skin Salmon with Sweet & Sour Capsicum Chilli Sauce

Crispy Skin Salmon with Sweet & Sour Capsicum Chilli Sauce

Recipe by Julie Le Clerc.

Cripsy Skin Salmon with Sweet & Sour Capsicum Chilli Sauce

Serves 2

½ cup , to serve 
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 
½ cup Sabato JLC capsicum chilli jam
2 tsp Forum Merlot vinegar    
1 Tbsp  in brine, drained       
6 cloves Pons sweet white garlic halved
Twin portion pack of fresh Akaroa salmon 
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVO)
2 Tbsp finely shredded Italian parsley  

Cook rice in a large saucepan full of gently simmering water for 35 minutes or until just tender to the bite. Drain well and season with salt and pepper to taste. At the same time, combine Capsicum chilli jam, vinegar, capers and sweet garlic in a small saucepan and heat gently until hot. 

Dry salmon portions with paper towels. Season well on both sides with salt and pepper. Heat EVO in a non-stick frying pan, add salmon portions, skin-side up, and cook for 2 minutes over medium-high heat until golden brown. Turn fillets over, pressing down with a fish slice so that the skin cooks evenly. Cook for 2-3 minutes until skin is crisp and golden brown and salmon is cooked to your liking. 

Serve salmon topped with sauce and with red rice on the side, scattered with parsley.


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