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What to do with wasabi and tarragon mayonnaise...

What to do with wasabi and tarragon mayonnaise...

What to do with wasabi mayonnaise...

  • Arrange smoked salmon on crostini  and dollop with wasabi mayonnaise.
  • Serve alongside sashimi of fresh snapper, tuna  or salmon.
  • Use to dress an Asian-inspired slaw of shredded cabbage, spring onion, julienne carrot and capsicum.
  • Fold through flaked Callipo tuna  or smoked fish and serve with salad greens or use as a sandwich filling.
  • Dollop on top of a classic Hawaiian Poke bowl (rice, cubed tuna and vegies).
  • Use as a dipping sauce for BBQ king prawns or calamari.
  • Make wasabi mash by stirring through creamy mashed potatoes, for a side dish with a flavourful zing.


What to do with tarragon mayonnaise...

  • Fold shredded roast chicken and use a gourmet sandwich filling or serve on a bed of salad greens for a classic salad combination.
  • Serve a big dollop on top of barbecued steaks, in place of Bearnaise sauce (which is also tarragon flavoured).
  • Serve alongside hot smoked salmon. Or smear thickly on top of salmon portions and roast until salmon is cooked to your liking.
  • Use as a dipping sauce for fresh vegetables such as baby carrots, sliced cucumber, blanched asparagus and beans.
  • Fold through mashed avocado or hard-boiled eggs to make delicious sandwich fillings.
  • Skewer cubed chicken and grill or barbecue and serve with tarragon mayo on the side.


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