Orecchiette (small ears) and orecchiotte (big ears) are affectionately known for their distinctive cupped shape. Made from the finest durum wheat semolina, both versions are characterised by their typical circular and concave form, a textured surface, and a thin middle with thicker outer edges. This unique style of pasta is appreciated around the world and acknowledged as one of Puglia’s greatest gastronomic triumphs.

At Sabato, our orecchiette and orecchiotte are supplied by artisan producer La Genuina, who draw on their southern Italian Pugliese heritage and the traditions of their grandmothers to make an outstanding product. Their use of hard wheat combined with a long, slow, natural drying process ensures the pasta holds its shape and is beautifully flavoured.

Quick and so easy to use, we love to cook the tender orecchiette (small ears) and then toss them through a spicy mix of Callipo nduja, preserved lemon, silverbeet and sherry vinegar. They are also brilliant when combined with one of our delicious full-flavoured Sabato pasta saucesCallipo tuna and Salvagno olives. The ingredient combinations are numerous and the shape of the pasta perfectly captures and holds all the tasty sauce … so every mouthful is just as good as the last.

The larger, handmade, orecchiotte (big ears) offer a fabulous opportunity to par-cook them, stuff each one with your favourite filling combination, nestle them in pasta sauce and bake for a further 15 minutes. This recipe for orecchiette with pumpkin and pancetta is seasonal and simple; tender pasta shells filled with sweet roast pumpkin and salty pancetta, surrounded by Sabato ricotta pasta sauce and topped with crispy sage leaves.


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